288 at Bailey Bridge Flyover


Route 288 at Bailey Bridge Connector Flyover

  • Construct a flyover ramp from Route 288 northbound to the future Bailey Bridge Connector (near Commonwealth Centre Parkway)
  • Extend the Bailey Bridge Connector from Brad McNeer Parkway to Route 288
  • Construct a partial diverging diamond interchange (DDI) to control traffic accessing Route 288 and the Bailey Bridge Connector
  • Construct roundabouts:
    • Bailey Bridge Connector at Commonwealth Centre Connector
    • Commonwealth Centre Connector at Commonwealth Centre Parkway
  • Cul-de-sac Commonwealth Centre Parkway north of the Bailey Bridge Connector
  • Realign and widen the Route 288 southbound Collector-Distributor (C-D) Road off-ramp to two lanes

As required by VDOT, an Interchange Justification Report (IJR) [[County to provide link]] was completed in 2018. This study evaluated the proposed improvements to ensure they addressed existing and future traffic operations and safety issues to the extent feasible.


Why It’s Needed

The Route 288 northbound to Route 360 westbound off-ramp carries a high volume of existing traffic during the afternoon rush hour, with over 1,200 vehicles on the loop ramp. As a result, merging traffic, on and off of Route 288, slows considerably which leads to a high incidence of crashes. From 2012-2016, 38 crashes occurred on the off-ramp.

To complicate matters, traffic volumes on Route 360 west of Route 288 are projected to become even greater as development continues to the west.



The new interchange will:
  • Provide an alternate route to Route 360 and Bailey Bridge Road and direct access to the Commonwealth Centre and Swift Creek shopping centers
  • Reduce traffic volumes and back-ups at the Route 288 northbound off-ramp to Route 360 westbound
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