360 at Old Hundred / Commonwealth Centre

Status: TBD

Route 360 at Old Hundred Road / Commonwealth Centre Parkway

The ultimate solution for Route 360 at Old Hundred Road / Commonwealth Centre Parkway is still to be determined.

The proposed intersection improvement may include an at-grade Displaced Left Turn (DLT), or a grade-separated Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI). Both alternatives were identified in the Route 360/Route 288 Interchange Study (2016) as viable solutions to addressing the overwhelming capacity issues at this intersection.


Why It’s Needed

Route 360 at Commonwealth Centre/Old Hundred is a leading congestion and crash hot-spot in Chesterfield County. It had the highest number of crashes in a five-year period of all the intersections in the county with a total of 217 crashes.

More than 15,000 vehicles per hour pass through the intersection during the morning and afternoon peak hours. This causes delays and backups in both directions of Route 360 at this intersection. The close proximity of this signalized intersection to the Route 360/Route 288 interchange results in traffic backups that extend onto Route 288 during the afternoon peak hour. Improvements to the intersection are needed as peak-hour traffic volumes will continue to grow, approaching 24,000 by 2047.



These improvements will:
  • Eliminate the bottleneck conditions on Route 360, which extend to Route 288
  • Enable more efficient travel on Route 360
  • Improve safety by reducing the potential conflict points
  • Reduce the current crash risks and traffic delays
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