360 Superstreets


360 Superstreets

The Route 360 superstreet intersections will eliminate left turns and throughs from the side streets. Instead, this traffic will be required to make right turns onto Route 360, followed by U-turns at the downstream traffic signal in order to proceed in the desired direction. Left turns from Route 360 to side streets will be allowed with the superstreet configuration.

Four high-volume intersections on Route 360 are proposed to be reconstructed into a superstreet configuration, including:

  • Winterpock Road/Lake Harbour Drive
  • N. Spring Run Road/Temie Lee Parkway
  • Deer Run Drive/Harbour View Court
  • Mockingbird Lane/Harbour Pointe Parkway

Why It’s Needed

During 2012 – 2016, 361 crashes occurred on Route 360 at these intersections. Studies project increased traffic volumes on Route 360, including these intersections west of Route 288. The Route 360/Winterpock Road intersection ranks as the eighth highest crash intersection countywide with 116 crashes occurring between 2012 and 2016. The intersections at Spring Run Road and Deer Run Drive/Harbour View Court ranked 20th and 32nd, respectively.



The new Superstreet intersections will:
  • Manage vehicle traffic more safely and efficiently
  • Improve through traffic on Route 360 with more green-time and less red-light stoppage
  • Reduce left-turn conflicts from the side streets
  • Improve driver safety and reduce likelihood of crashes
  • Provide a faster commute, especially during peak travel times
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