Improvement Group 1: fully funded through Virginia SMART SCALE

Construction estimated to begin in 2020

Route 288 Southbound to Route 360 Westbound Off-Ramp Improvements

  • Lengthen the Route 288 southbound to Route 360 westbound off-ramp, widening it to two lanes
  • Construct a park-and-ride lot at the Chesterfield Career and Technical Center at Route 360 and Chital Drive

Why It’s Needed

The Route 288 southbound to Route 360 westbound off-ramp carries a high volume of exiting traffic during the afternoon rush hour, with over 1,700 vehicles in one travel lane. As a result, vehicles back-up onto Route 288 beyond the deceleration lane, extend nearly a mile upstream and causing a pattern of rear-end crashes.



These improvements will:
  • Reduce the afternoon back-ups on Route 288
  • Reduce the number of crashes on Route 288
  • Enable vehicles to more safely maneuver from, and traveling through, Route 288
  • Improve travel times
  • Enable ride-sharing opportunities to commuters, thereby reducing the number of vehicles on Route 360 and Route 288

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