Extending the Powhite Parkway, from its current ending point at Charter Colony Parkway to Route 360 in the vicinity of Beaver Bridge Road, is an important component of the county’s Thoroughfare Plan. However, the Powhite Parkway Extension would not provide an attractive alternate route for the significant amount of traffic destined for points south of Route 360 and east of Winterpock Road. The need for improvements to the 288/360 interchange was documented in the 2015 US 360/Route 288 Interchange Area Study, located here which considered the planned extension of the Powhite Parkway. While the Powhite Parkway Extension continues to be a priority as development continues in the western part of the county, the Streamline 360/288 Improvements are necessary to address existing and future traffic conditions at the 360/288 interchange and along Route 360.

Streamline 360/288 Improvements is a multi-year, phased plan of multiple roadway projects to ensure safer, faster and more efficient travel along Route 360 and Route 288.

  • Route 360, also known as Hull Street Road, between the Route 288 interchange and Winterpock Road
  • Route 288 between Genito Road and the Commonwealth Centre Parkway interchange

Streamline 360/288 Improvements is a phased initiative to be implemented by Chesterfield County, in collaboration with Virginia Department of Transportation and the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization.

The Route 360/Route 288 corridor is plagued with heavy delays, long back-ups, slow travel speeds, and associated crashes during peak travel times. A study by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) identified a series of solutions to address operational and safety deficiencies within the corridor. Traffic volumes are projected to increase within the corridor as development continues to grow in southwest Chesterfield County.

The major constraints to providing additional capacity to points west of Route 288 are:

  • The lack of available right-of-way along Route 360 making further expansion difficult beyond its current eight-lane cross-section
  • Swift Creek Reservoir, which poses a large physical constraint to the north

Streamline 360/288 Improvements will mitigate operational and safety impacts and improve travel in this area.

Construction of the first two projects is expected to begin in 2021.

Construction will start in 2021 with improvements to the Route 288 southbound to Route 360 westbound off-ramp and park-and-ride lot at the Chesterfield Career and Technical Center located at Route 360 and Chital Drive 288 SB to 360 WB.

In 2022, a new connector road and pedestrian and bike path between Bailey Bridge Road and Brad McNeer Parkway is anticipated to be under construction Bailey Bridge Connector.

Both of the improvement projects underway are funded through Virginia’s SMART SCALE program. Two additional proposed projects, 360 Superstreets and Route 288 at Bailey Bridge Connector Flyover, were submitted in August 2018 for funding consideration. The County will seek funding for the projects through a variety of available funding sources such as SMART SCALE, Revenue Sharing, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ), Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) and local funds.

Streamline 360/288 Improvements is a package of projects that will be implemented in phases. This will allow Chesterfield County to manage costs and construction schedules, so not every improvement is happening at the same time. Construction across projects will be coordinated to the extent possible to minimize and reduce impacts to the traveling public.

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