288 CD Road

Status: TBD

Route 288 Southbound CD Road

A Collector-Distributor (CD) road is a high-speed parallel road that collects and distributes entering and exiting traffic, reducing the merging and weaving areas on the mainline highway. This proposed improvement will:

  • Extend and connect the existing CD road from Route 360 to Bailey Bridge Connector and from Route 360 to south of Powhite Parkway
  • Reconstruct the loop ramps from Route 360 westbound to the CD road and from the CD road to Route 360 eastbound

Why It’s Needed

From 2012 to 2016, 21 crashes occurred on Route 288 southbound in the weave section between the two loop ramps. The new CD road is projected to reduce the southbound traffic on Route 288 by over 50%.



The southbound CD road along Route 288 will:
  • Improve safety and operations through the interchange by removing the existing weaving movement from the higher speed Route 288 mainline to the lower speed and lower traffic volume CD road.
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