360 at Brad McNeer

Status: FUNDED

Route 360 at Brad McNeer Parkway

A signalized Continuous Green-T (CGT) Intersection is proposed at Route 360 and Brad McNeer Parkway.


Why It’s Needed

Route 360 at Brad McNeer Parkway is among the corridor’s busiest intersections and ranks as the 18th highest crash intersection countywide with 92 crashes occurring between 2012 and 2016.

In 2017, nearly 14,000 vehicles per hour passed through the intersection during combined morning and afternoon peak travel. By the year 2047, this intersection is estimated to reach nearly 19,000 vehicles per hour in combined peak travel hours.



The improved intersection configuration will:
  • Eliminate stops for the heavy Route 360 westbound through traffic
  • Reduce delays for Route 360 westbound traffic
  • Reduce the risk of crashes by eliminating the left-turn from Brad McNeer Parkway
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