360 EB to 288 NB

Status: TBD

Route 360 Eastbound to Route 288 Northbound Directional On-Ramp

The Route 360/Route 288 Interchange Study (2016) identified the following solution for improvements to the on-ramp from Route 360 eastbound to Route 288 northbound:

  • Construct a new directional flyover ramp from Route 360 eastbound to Route 288 northbound
  • Remove the existing loop ramp

Why It’s Needed

The existing loop ramp is at overcapacity and the merge area on Route 288 is too short causing backups during the morning rush hour. Backups on Route 360 extend west beyond the Old Hundred /Commonwealth Centre Parkway intersection. This has resulted in a significant number of crashes, increasing travel times through the Route 360 interchange.



The new directional on-ramp will:
  • Reduce crashes associated with existing loop-ramp configuration by eliminating the Route 288 and Route 360 weaving maneuvers
  • Provide a safer, more seamless transition from the on-ramp to the mainline Route 288 travel lanes
  • Improve efficiency while anticipating future capacity increases
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