Bailey Bridge Connector

Status: FUNDED

Bailey Bridge Connector

Construct a two-lane connector road from Bailey Bridge Road to Brad McNeer Parkway. Improvements for this project will include a roundabout at Bailey Bridge Road, a roundabout at Brad McNeer Parkway, a bridge over Swift Creek, and a shared-use path. If you would like to view a video of the planned improvements, click here.


  • Project Advertisement – Late 2023
  • Begin Construction – Early 2024
  • End Construction – Early 2026

Why It’s Needed

Route 360 west of Route 288 is a congested corridor plagued by heavy delays and crashes during the rush hours. Route 360 carries over 78,000 vehicles a day, significantly more than on Route 288 between Powhite Parkway and Route 360 (60,000 vehicles per day). As growth continues to the west, traffic on Route 360 is projected to exceed 120,000 vehicles per day by the year 2040. This is comparable to the amount of traffic currently on Interstate 95 near Route 10 in Chester.



The Bailey Bridge Connector will:
  • Provide direct access to businesses and services along Route 360 from areas along Bailey Bridge Road
  • Reduce traffic volumes on Route 360
  • Provide a safe travel alternative for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Provide a foundation for future improvements in this area

Project Resources 

Citizen Information Meeting – October 3, 2019

Location Public Hearing Transcript – October 29, 2020 (PDF)

Design Public Hearing – October 6, 2021

Design Plans

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